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Fresh garlic & value added products made in our farm's registered kitchen

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All our products are made using our own produce. Where not possible we source locally grown and Australian ingredients. Exceptions to this are Himalayan Salt and some spices.

If you would like a list of other seasonally available and new products please use the get in touch page.

Bulbs: Small - $20/kg, Medium - $25/kg, Large - $30/kg

We hand tend each and every bulb at all stages of the growing and packaging processes. The cold frosty nights and sun drenched days of the Western Downs create amazing flavoursome aromatic bulbs.
Due to quarantine restrictions we are not able to post fresh garlic to Tasmania and Western Australia. Value added products are acceptable.

$3.50 / Bulb

Aged bulbs that have been hot smoked for two days over Hickory wood chip to allow the smoke to penetrate the entire bulb. Smoked garlic can be used anywhere fresh garlic is called for but imparts a delicious smokiness to the dish.

$4.50 / Bulb

Black garlic is a type of aged garlic whose characteristic black colour is a result of the Malliard Reaction which occurs over the course of a few weeks of maintaining constant temperature and moisture levels. There are no additives or preservatives.

50g sachets: $10.00, 100gm sachets: $20.00

100% pure chemical free garlic. Never be without garlic again. Dehydrated garlic should be a pantry staple for when you are short on time or just out of fresh bulbs. Great for making garlic butter or seasoning meats.
Available in coarse, fine and chips.

100g sachets: Garlic Salt - $5.00, Garlic Salt with Lime and Chilli - $6.50,
Smoked Garlic Salt - $6.00, Black Garlic Salt - $6.50

Garlic Salt – nothing but pure dehydrated garlic and Himalayan Salt. A simple seasoning that adds a complexity to flavours.
Garlic Salt with Lime and Chilli – pure dehydrated garlic, Australian Sea Salt, organically grown chilli and lime zest.
Why add just salt? Add flavour as well!
Smoked Garlic Salt – pure dehydrated smoked garlic and Australian Sea Salt. Add amazing smokey flavour to steaks and roasts.
Black Garlic Salt – pure dehydrated black garlic and Australian Sea Salt. Add an extra dimension of flavour with this seasoning.

$10.00 / 250g jar

Pickling is a process of preserving the shelf life of food by either the anaerobic fermentation in brine or submersion in vinegar as opposed to marinating which is the process of soaking foods in a seasoned liquid, often acidic, before cooking.

Lemongrass and Ginger – Beautiful Asian flavours from organically grown spices.
Korean – A traditional Korean recipe that involves a two stage process. The final pickling liquid contains a gluten free Soy Sauce.
Sweet and salty.
Traditional Spices – For those who enjoy the flavours of traditionally pickled foods.
Lime and Mustard – A lovely citrusy flavour and aroma with the warmth of mustard.
Balsamic Vinegar – A beautiful dark but sweet flavour in a brine made with a grape must vinegar.
Chilli and Cracked Pepper - Just a little chilli and the sharpness of fresh cracked pepper.
Maple Balsamic – A combination of beautiful balsamic vinegar and pure Maple Syrup. A unique taste.

Other flavours include Plain Pickled, Mediterranean, and Zesty Lemon.

250g - $10.00

Confit garlic has been cooked slowly at a low temperature in Australian Olive Oil. These beautiful tender cloves are fantastic added to mashed potatoes, a salad dressing or smeared on toast for bruschetta.

250ml - $6.00

Australian Olive Oil that has been infused with garlic flavour through a low and slow heating process.

150g - $5.00

Garlic Jam is sweet and deliciously garlicly and probably better used in a savoury sense – on crackers or bruschetta with a lovely aged cheese or tangy salsa. It may also be used with steak, chicken or in stirfries.

280g - $10.00

Cold and Flu Ease contains all the good things to help ward off or relieve the winter chills. Garlic, Lemon and Ginger naturally fermented in pure Australian Bush Honey.